The Ship


The Royal Clipper

Construction on the Royal Clipper was completed in 2000, built in Poland (the hull and superstructure) and Denmark, owned by a Swede, and registered in Luxembourg.  It is a beautiful ship.  We took a number of pictures, including some from the crow's nest.

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Alongside at Dominica

David climbed up the mast to this crow's nest.

Nancy on the deck taken from the mast.

Another passenger climbing the shrouds and being belayed by two crewmembers.

They didn't let us climb the rest of the way up the mast.

Marie helped us to unhook from the belaying ropes.

Another passenger took a picture of David in the crow's nest.

Nancy went out on a tender to photograph the Royal Clipper under sail.

It only took ten minutes to hoist all the sails.

42 sails.

5000 square meters of sailcloth

The large door in the stern opened to become a platform for aquatics.