On Tuesday we went to Antigua.  We toured Nelson's Dockyard and took a kayak tour of some outlying islands.

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Falmouth Harbour, Antigua over the bow of the Royal Clipper.

Antigua is a very dry islands compared to others we visited and is heavily dependent on rainwater collection.

Nelson's Dockyard was in use from 1725 until 1889 and was restored in the first half of this century.

We took this shot of Falmouth Harbor as we walked from Nelson's Dockyard to the beach where we had lunch.

We went on a kayak tour, but only took pictures when we were on the boats going to and from the kayaks.

Our guide took us to some interesting formations.

This one was called hell's gate.

We climbed a hill and then went swimming in this harbor.

On top of the hill (about 300' high) were some blow holes, through which the waves could splash in bad weather.

Rain comes and goes quickly at this time of year.