Swimming with the Dolphins

On Dominica, we went to swim with the dolphins.  There were eight passengers in our group.  We had a lecture for 45 minutes about dolphins and how to interact with them.  Then we participated in activities with them in groups of two.  Kimbit, the large male dolphin, worked with Nancy and David.  He was a little unsure about David, who was wearing his prescription goggles.

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We sat on the floating platform on either side of Ken, the trainer, so the Kimbit could see us.

We got in the water and he swam by, letting us pet him.

He wanted to get a good look at us.

After each activity he got a treat.

David and Kimbit getting in position.

David pretending to be a dolphin-powered torpedo.

We each got a tow, hanging onto Kimbit's dorsal fin.

This jump wasn't very challenging for him.

David getting pushed back to the platform.

Kimbit could steer us easily with his rostrum (snout) on the sole of one foot.

Petting him again.

They called this the Superman push. Superwoman in this case.

Nancy going for another ride.

And coming back, full-speed.

Kimbit grabbed a tiny fish that was swimming in the water and threw it into the air just before he got his treat.

Scott, the other trainer, with mom and daughter, Jessica and Tracy.