Lamanai, Belize

Except for the first one, these photos are from our trip to the Mayan city of Lamanai.  It was occupied right up to the time of the Spanish entry into Central America, so the jungle has had only a few hundred years to cover it.

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This photo was taken in Flores, Guatemala. These little planes were a convenient way to get around in places where the roads leave something to be desired.

Bromeliads grow symbiotically with trees everywhere in Belize and Guatemala. It was amazing to orchids growing there as common as dandelions are in Pennsylvania.

Another convenient form of transport. From the dock at our hotel on Ambergris Caye, we were picked up in this boat for our trip to Lamanai.

There are extensive growths of Mangroves growing along the shoreline of Belize. We followed a sort of river that had been cut between them for over a half hour to get from Ambergris Caye to the mainland.

Lamanai is a corruption of the Mayan phrase for submerged crocodile. It sits along the New River. Speaking of New, this photo show some of the reconstruction that is being performed on the ancient Mayan buildings.

Only a few structures are uncovered at Lamanai, and of those many are left partially covered to preserve both the structure and the jungle environment.

Workers are rebuilding this temple by hand. Water for the mortar is hauled up by a horse and block and tackle.

The lower part of this photo shows the relationship between the repair work and the existing structure. In a year or two, the harsh environment will have made the difference imperceptible.

An excellent example of one of the masks of a king. It was uncovered in the 1970s complete with its original paint. Unfortunately, within 6 months of exposure, the paint had completely weathered, and by 2002, his crocodile headress has crumbled to be unrecognizable.