Les Saintes


Les Saintes, Iles des Saintes, The Saints

Monday brought us to Les Saintes, also known as Iles des Saintes, a group of eight small islands six miles south of Guadeloupe.  Jenny, the cruise director, told us that we would find the best ice cream in the Caribbean here, and she was right: Nancy had mint, and David had Pamplemousse (grapefruit).  Les Saintes is part of the Department of Guadeloupe. It is as much France as Hawaii is the US.

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A beach on Terre de Haut, one of Les Saintes.

The Royal Clipper in the harbor at Les Saintes.

The island's dentist has his house made from the bow of a ship.

David lounging in the Place de l'Embarcadere, a square behind the pier where our tender dropped us off.

The rooftops of Le Bourg, the town where we got the best ice cream, very much like gelati.

Fishing is a big major occupation, with nets and other paraphenalia evident everywhere.