Ambergris Caye


Ambergris Caye and Mountain Pine Ridge

We left Belize City and stayed for four days at Victoria House on Ambergris Caye.  A beautiful spot, and from there we made excursions to the Mountain Pine Ridge forest, Lamanai, and snorkeling on the reef.

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A view to the south of Victoria House from out on the dock.

Looking back along the dock. The building with the thatch upper roof and teal colored lower roof is the bar. We ate many pleasant meals there.

Here I am, waiting under the thatch roof at the of the dock. Victoria House would arrange any trip you wanted, and you would walk to the dock from where a boat would whisk you to your destination.

A supermodel who was also staying at Victoria House offered to pose with the flowers in front of our room.

Our room at Victoria House had a very nice little porch, which was shady in the afternoon and evening. We were also the closest room (21, ironically enough) to the bar.

On a trip into the Pine Ridge forest in Belize, we stopped at the Rio Frio cave. It was known to have been used by the ancient Mayans as well.

A view to the other end of the cave. Our guide told us that she has seen a number of cat prints (perhaps jaguars) on the little beach that sits in the middle of the cave.

The Rio On (pronounced with a long O) pools. A popular spot to cool off with a swim, but the weather was really beautiful when we were there.

Rio On. Note the many dead pine trees in the background. The entire Mountain Pine Ridge area has been devastated by the Pine Bark Beetle. It was like driving through after a forest fire.