A quick boat ride from Victoria House on Ambergris Caye brought us to the coral reef where we went snorkeling. 

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Most of the color of the reef is washed out in these pictures that we took with a $10 disposable camera, but here you can see some of the purple coral.

The array of different creatures on the reef is absolutely staggering. If you look carefully, you will see a whole school of fish in the center of the picture.

The area where we snorkeled was fairly shallow, and alternated between flat sandy areas with a little plant life to live coral that broke the surface in some spots.

Some fish (and the very edge of a snorkeler) swimming over the coral.

The fish know where they can get a free meal.

There are so many manta rays and nurse sharks, that a gap in the reef is called Shark Ray Alley. They also know that when a boat comes, the people on board often have goodies.

Here I am in my brand-new prescription goggles. They were fantastic!

Here is Nancy, with her matching snorkel and goggles.